Types of Training:

  • OakTac instructors taught Mobile Field Force/Small Squad Tactics to law enforcement personnel
  • Crowd control and dispersal techniques
  • OakTac Mobile Field Force Managers trained at FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness
  • FEMA conducted 3 Field Force Extraction Classes training officers to safely defeat locking devices
  • Certified officers in the use of training ammunition and Universal Training Munitions (UTM)
  • Standardized First Responding Supervisor Response to critical incidents
  • ASR Basic and Refresher courses taught concepts of formations, negotiating stairwells and using multiple contact teams
  • Tabletop Exercise for supervisors regarding the use, capabilities, and limitations of MFF
  • Regional exercise on formation, deployment, gear issuance and recovery, and movement of MFF at Schoolcraft College in Wayne County and CREST Facility in Oakland County
  • UASI Board approved OakTac to develop an active assailant Response Model Policy and training program.
  • Full Scale Terrorism Exercise at Somerset Collection
  • Active assailant Scenario at Great Lakes Crossing